howto fix bug 13462

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Thu Sep 18 02:01:47 CDT 2008

Rob Shearman <robertshearman <at>> writes:

> That's not acceptable as that change will cause applications that do
> use the returned interface to either crash on a NULL pointer (if you
> set *ppv to NULL and return S_OK) or stack corruption (if you return a
> pointer to the wrong interface). You will be turning a known
> unimplemented feature into a buggy feature which will be harder to fix
> later.
> > So what now?
> If running the tests on Windows show that the interface in question is
> implemented for the Context object then add that interface to the
> object with stubbed functions.

Hi Rob, thanks for the reply. I'll add your comments to the bug report.
 As for fixing the bug + the tests myself, i guess i have to learn a 
lot more about this stuff, but maybe someone (with more knowledge on this 
matter) can use your hints to get the bug fixed. Regards 

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