Patchwatcher problems

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Sep 18 18:27:22 CDT 2008

Andrew Fenn wrote:
> I just submitted a patch to wine patches (Started implementing the
> xinput library for xbox 360 joystick support ) and I believe patch
> watcher failed for a few reasons.
>1) Although it applied my patch it didn't build it as
>./tools/make_makefiles isn't called so it isn't built?

I think make_makefiles is called:
Maybe I should make the log more verbose...

> 2) Patch watcher seems to fail because of another patch, perhaps the
> latest known good build should be tested if the patch fails and then
> compared with the first failed attempt?

We don't accumulate patches.  There was no other patch active
when yours was tested.  This was probably just a rare failure
of a slightly flaky test.  When I verify that tests are flaky, I
add them to a blacklist.  You just got unlucky, I think.
Once you figure out why your patch didn't trigger your stuff
to be built, resubmit...
- Dan

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