add -Werror to default compiler options

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Thu Sep 18 20:01:57 CDT 2008

> I suppose the answer there is "patchwatcher builds with multiple compilers"
> and/or "affected users with bum compilers turn off -Werror"
> and/or "we disable the errors that have high failure rates on some compilers".

Sure, that makes as much sense as what I suggested.  Consider me
mollified, but I withhold the right for an "I told you so" if this
leads to silly bugs and patches flying around ;-)

> You obviously don't understand my plans with patchwatcher and valgrind :-)

Okay, now you're piquing my interest :)

> What is "draconian" but a synonym for "dictatotorial"?  Sounds like it
> would fit in just fine with Wine's maintainer's style :-)

You've got me there :)

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