winex11.drv: Make wglShareLists() cope with previously selected destination context (try 3)

Jim Cameron jim_24601 at
Fri Sep 19 08:37:03 CDT 2008

> First of all note that glXDestroyContext only destroys a
> context after no of the other threads is using it (it is in
> the specs of glXDestroyContext).

Surely this means we've got to be doubly careful about keeping track of contexts that are current, otherwise we'd end up with WGL contexts backed by GLX contexts that aren't current in the thread they're supposed to be current in, and get hard-to-diagnose bugs.

> Second there are some more
> issues in wglShareLists which shouldn't get fixed in
> your patch but which I plan to fix at a later stage which
> you should take into account. Some BAD class of apps calls
> wglShareLists before making the source context current (so
> it isn't backed by a GLX context) while it has made the
> destination one current. In such case we need to perform a
> swap as right now such programs crash.

OK. There's a patch floating about somewhere that swaps source and destination contexts for a couple of games that need it, I considered something along those lines but thought better of it.

> MSDN clearly mentions
> that the hglrc2 parameter shouldn't contain any existing
> display lists, so this situation isn't allowed. This
> would mean wglShareLists(dest, source) is invalid and second
> that when perform a legal wglShareLists(source, dest) that
> dest can't have been current in any thread.

I took that statement from MSDN to imply that you can't have created any display lists glGenLists() in the destination context, but not say anything about having previously made it current in some thread. Does it imply that as well? Windows clearly allows it (or at least, allows the app to get away with doing it), or Windows apps wouldn't do it.

> Since wglShareLists is a tricky function which might
> require very ugly hacks I want to keep it as clean as
> possible. This means that you should write a small wine test
> case for the behavior of wglShareLists in the situation
> affected by your patch.

Will do, thanks.


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