Curious Behaviour

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at
Mon Sep 22 17:08:30 CDT 2008

When I turned on the debugging flag +ntdll  I noticed a rather strange 
behavior in wine. But before I open a bug on it I wanted to understand
how the shared libraries that emulate the various windows dll's are 
handled. When I turned on the +ntdll flag I started getting several file
not found errors in the logs as it searched for the dll's... One such 
example is advapi32.dll. This is handled by the shared library file of 
the same name.  Shouldn't the dll loader recognize this as a SO and 
return the fact it found it???

I also noticed another bit of weirdness as well...  If the application
loads the "COMCTL32.dll" file or the "Comctl32.dll" it wont find it
but if it loads comctl32.dll it does. Now I know this is partially the
way the file system handles the files, but shouldn't it find the file if
it exists even with the capitalization screwy? It doesn't seem to happen
that often the ones I have noticed the error occurring are :

I am just wondering if because of the above some of the weirder errors 
we are seeing might be caused by this? Or at the least are filling up 
trace logs when they don't need too...


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