gdi32: "StretchDIBits" with value of zero for "xSrc" and "ySrc"

Mathias Kosch info at
Tue Sep 23 16:12:21 CDT 2008

Hello Juan!
Thanks for your valuable comments.

> +                 * mkosch (2008/09/22)
> Please don't put such comments in source files, the source files
> aren't a changelog.
Is there a right place for such comments? Since I didn't yet prove
if this code is buggy and also don't want to investigate further time
in this (unless practical problems occur for me) Bugzilla is the wrong
(Note: I think there should be problems i.e. with XOR, because this
code appears to XOR the destination bitmap with gaps and then again
with the destination bitmap, leaving the gaps.)

> +    hProcessHeap = GetProcessHeap();
> +    assert(hProcessHeap != NULL);
> This assert is pointless, GetProcessHeap cannot reasonably fail.  And
> more generally..
According to MSDN [1] there is a chance that "GetProcessHeap" might
fail. It's bad style to expect what doesn't always have to happen.

> +    assert(hDC != NULL);
> dont' use assert() in the tests, especially for conditions such as
> this which have nothing to do with the function you're testing. [...]
> or use ok to check them if there's some reasonable probability they
> may fail

Vitaliy Margolen responded to my previous version of this patch:
>> +     if (!pBitmapData)
>> +             ok(0, "Memory allocation failed.\n");
> Don't do this. If allocation failed assert or skip the test entirely.

I'm a little confused now, because he told me to not use "ok" but
suggested to assert.

> So either assume that such basic functions will succeed,
I may do this for something less important like a test case, although
I still think it's not good style.

> or use a combination of skip and return if one fails.
I will try once more, this time using "skip" instead of assertions.

> In the second place, C++-style comments are not allowed in Wine
> source.
Sorry I missed this one out. I didn't notice any compiler warnings.

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