Wine PulseAudio Driver

Arthur Taylor theycallhimart at
Sat Sep 27 04:36:08 CDT 2008

"If someone wants to write a pulseaudio driver, he should feel free to
do so, but he should be aware that just writing a simple 20 line
linear PCM out driver is not sufficient."

I have written a waveout/in driver for wine to use pulseaudio which is
in bugzilla. I would appreciate feedback on it, as I have received
little thus far. I would appreciate it also if people took care to
ensure that their instance of pulseaudio is properly setup before

Current problems include properly recovering from disconnects of both
audio streams and server connections. WaveIn is currently buggy and
usually has a larger latency. Multiple instances of one sink/source is
also currently a problem. Currently WaveIn / WaveOut wodMessage /
widMessage functions use "device IDs" which are basically array
indexes of an array of available "devices." Without instance
information it is hard to allow an application to open the same device
more than once.

- Art

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