Wine PulseAudio Driver

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Sun Sep 28 08:32:31 CDT 2008

Hi Arthur,

2008/9/27, Arthur Taylor <theycallhimart at>:
> "If someone wants to write a pulseaudio driver, he should feel free to
> do so, but he should be aware that just writing a simple 20 line
> linear PCM out driver is not sufficient."
> I have written a waveout/in driver for wine to use pulseaudio which is
> in bugzilla. I would appreciate feedback on it, as I have received
> little thus far. I would appreciate it also if people took care to
> ensure that their instance of pulseaudio is properly setup before
> trying.
> Current problems include properly recovering from disconnects of both
> audio streams and server connections. WaveIn is currently buggy and
> usually has a larger latency. Multiple instances of one sink/source is
> also currently a problem. Currently WaveIn / WaveOut wodMessage /
> widMessage functions use "device IDs" which are basically array
> indexes of an array of available "devices." Without instance
> information it is hard to allow an application to open the same device
> more than once.
As the maintainer of the winealsa driver I don't feel a good written
pulseaudio driver is bad per se. But if you want a complete review,
you will need to split up the patches in easily reviewable chunks, and
then send the patch series to wine-patches. This allows others to
review it as well.

First in the patch series that will create a simple waveout driver in
chunks. Then capture, then accelerated waveout, then accelerated


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