richedit: Fixed test failing on windows version with larger font sizes

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Sep 29 14:59:37 CDT 2008

Hi Dylan,

@@ -402,6 +401,10 @@ static void test_EM_SCROLLCARET(void)
+  HWND hwndRichEdit = CreateWindow(RICHEDIT_CLASS, NULL,
+                                   0, 0, 200, 80, NULL, NULL,
hmoduleRichEdit, NULL);
+  ok(hwndRichEdit != NULL, "class: %s, error: %d\n", RICHEDIT_CLASS,
(int) GetLastError());

It seems to me in this case that describing the relevant parameters to
CreateWindow--I assume just height?--and why they're important to the
test might help people not break the test in the future.

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