Detecting Wine

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Sep 29 17:10:58 CDT 2008

> Yes, that's the root of the problem.  I can't prevent the end-user
> from mounting network drives -- in fact, in the expected installation
> environment, the average user will have several very large network
> drives mounted.

I believe you.

> Under Windows, installation takes about five minutes, and the
> full-disk search provides a nicer user experience if they're upgrading
> from an ancient copy of the software.  Under Wine, I need to either
> skip the full-disk search, or warn the user that it may take several
> hours.

Again, I believe you.  You've already gotten a couple suggestions on
how to detect Wine, which you may use.  We just don't recommend that,
as the methods may not be supported in the future.  Whether you choose
to heed my recommendation is up to you ;-)

Still, it'd help if you could log a bug about it.  Include which
software it is, whether and where a copy is available, how network
drives are mapped, and so on.  Without a good bug report, we're rather
less likely to fix it.

Out of curiosity, is the previous installation likely to be found
under Z: ("/") rather than under C:?

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