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Tue Sep 30 05:55:09 CDT 2008

Your design is wrong IMO. You don't handle reparse points at all; you only
rely on the nature of a drive, which isn't sufficient in most cases. See
mounting volumes for example where you can mount a whole volume anywhere in
an NTFS partition.

The correct fix would be to:
- ensure your code handles those cases correctly (which it doesn't)
- ensure that wine returns the correct relevant information for remote
mounted FS (which I'm pretty sure sure it's not done today)

2008/9/30 Mark Wagner <carnildo at>

> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 14:55, Juan Lang <juan.lang at> wrote:
> >> Did you read the second paragraph of my original email?  I'm not
> >> working around a bug in Wine, unless it's a bug that a user can map
> >> "/" to "C:" and call it a "fixed disk".
> >
> > Yes, I read it.  And scanning "/" shouldn't be a problem, unless
> > you've also mapped network drives there.  That seems to be the root of
> > the problem.
> Yes, that's the root of the problem.  I can't prevent the end-user
> from mounting network drives -- in fact, in the expected installation
> environment, the average user will have several very large network
> drives mounted.
> Under Windows, installation takes about five minutes, and the
> full-disk search provides a nicer user experience if they're upgrading
> from an ancient copy of the software.  Under Wine, I need to either
> skip the full-disk search, or warn the user that it may take several
> hours.
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> Mark

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