Detecting Wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Sep 30 07:34:28 CDT 2008

Mark W. wrote:
>As part of the installation process, under Windows our
>program does a full-disk search of all local hard drives,
>but ignoring network drives and removable media.
>Under Wine, this doesn't work too well, as there's not
>a one-to-one mapping between disks and drive letters,
>and there's usually at least one way to access the entire *nix
>filesystem. If someone's got a few network drives mounted,
>the installer could spend hours searching them.

We have a similar issue in Picasa.   There, we try to
default to just searching the user's home directory
when running on Wine, and I think we blacklist
known do-not-search directories like /proc.
We have gone back and forth about whether to
follow symlinks; there are often symlinks to
network filesystems inside people's home directories.

The right thing to do is probably something like:

a) get the set of initial seeds by using the output
of the 'mount' command and ignoring anything with
a type field that is not a known local filesystem type
(e.g. ext2, ext3, ufs, reiserfs, xfs); you'll need to expand
this whitelist as customers complain about their pet filesystems
(And you'll need to ignore any that can't be mapped
to Wine paths, but people usually map Z: to /.)
(You could use /proc/mounts under Linux, but
better to use the standardized 'mount' command
or maybe /etc/mtab, otherwise your code will break
on MacOSX or Solaris.)

b) when recursing, and you find a reparse point aka symlink,
check the filesystem type of the symlink destination
before following it.  You might need to get bug fixed
before this works the windows way, but you could
probably do something wine-specific now by
converting each directory path you encounter
into a unix path, then using a unix api to check
whether it's a symbolic link.  Bleah.  Best way
to do that is to patch wine, and then you're part
way to fixing bug 12401 :-)

c) beware: Wine's implementation of FindFirstChange/FindNextChange
does not really work if you ask it to monitor two different
names for the same directory.  See
- Dan

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