OpenGL child windows

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Tue Sep 30 15:18:07 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 30 September 2008 02:11:17 am Florian Köberle wrote:
> A long time ago you wrote in
> that you got my example program running:
> "If I force offscreen rendering and add the flag, the demo works."
> Could you have a look at the following bug report and may explain how to
> "force offscreen rendering"?

By forcing offscreen rendering, I believe I meant hacking Wine so that it 
always uses redirected/offscreen GL rendering even it it thinks it shouldn't 
need to. This is automatically done by Wine when drawing to a child windows, 
there's no way for an app to "force" it (short of creating a child window).

IIRC, what needs to happen is Wine needs to use offscreen GL rendering when a 
window has WS_CLIPCHILDREN, but apps tend to set that flag even if they don't 
use child windows (needlessly causing redirected GL rendering). That's what I 
remember anyway, but I could be wrong.

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