Ben Klein shacklein at
Thu Apr 2 04:30:25 CDT 2009

2009/4/1 Fred . <eldmannen at>:
> I saw on
> That there Nonexistent documentation for "Initial directory structure"
> and Poor documentation for "Initial INI files".
> So I wrote documentation for those on the wiki.

Wiki pages should be in CamelCase, not with underscores in the names.

What you've got is a good start, but so far it's nothing that can't be
determined from normal usage of Wine. What's needed from here is:
1) an explanation of why Wine creates INI files/this directory structure
2) what each of the INI files do, what the default contents of the
directories are, why they're needed, what they do etc
3) Mention WINEPREFIX and make it more obvious where the default
location of the wine directory is (perhaps this deserves another wiki

> Hope I helped out, and this was useful. If so, it could be linked from
> the /status/wine article, and maybe
> move to /site/docs/winedev-guide/

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