GSoC proposal

Ben Klein shacklein at
Thu Apr 2 04:49:44 CDT 2009

2009/4/1 cocofan <cocofan at>:
>   I'm a student interested in applying for Google summer of code and I
> was looking over your ideas.  I'm familiar with wine as a user (for
> running an occasional windows app I'm forced to run) and I notice one of
> your ideas is getting old DOS games to run under wine.  I'm a big fan of
> the original Lemmings DOS game but can't get it to work under wine (it
> doesn't respond to the pressing of keys or mouse clicks when the
> storyboard is up).  Would it be possible to work on getting Lemmings to
> work.  I'm not sure this is a problem with VGA though but I wouldn't
> mine working on some other old DOS classics (I kind of miss them).
>  Also, how detailed you do want the timeline/milestones to be?  I'm not
> familiar with the code yet and won't be by the deadline (which is
> Friday).  I'm in the process of getting and compiling the code from the
> 'git' repository though.

The GSoC project is to improve DOS graphics. It won't *just* affect
DOS games ...

Have you tried dosbox ( to get Lemmings running? Wine's
DOS support is poor at best. And I would think the symptoms you're
describing would mean that the DOS graphics GSoC project wouldn't help
you :)

Also note that getting individual apps to run in Wine is not quite the
way things work. Patches are accepted if they are the correct thing to
do in general cases. If they only make something obscure work in
specific cases, or if they're hacked up so that some application is
happy, Wine devs will not be very responsive to them.

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