urlmon/misc test and the use of URLZONEREG_DEFAULT

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 13:13:19 CDT 2009


Just build me a fresh W2K3 box with SP2 and all updates (including IE7). 
I get some errors when I run winetest:

misc.c:884: Test failed: (1400) policy=3, expected 0
misc.c:884: Test failed: (1e05) policy=10000, expected 20000

This particular test test_url_action() checks the registry values under 
HKLM and then checks with IInternetZoneManager_GetZoneActionPolicy() if 
it gets the same result.

Obviously that failed in my case. It turns out that the returned value 
came from HKCU and not from HKLM.

So the question is, does somebody now what URLZONEREG_DEFAULT defaults 
to? HKCR or HKLM and is this always the same or are there circumstances 
that make the default different.

I guess I could write a test that checks both HKLM and HKCR and directly 
modifies the registry values in both hives to see what 
IInternetZoneManager_GetZoneActionPolicy() is using.

Ideas, thoughts?



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