NTFS filesystem features -> WONTFIX?

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 21:08:33 CDT 2009

On Sunday 05 April 2009 6:45:42 pm Ben Klein wrote:
> That might be fine for mount points and mountable devices, but how
> could you accurately determine the filesystem type for an arbitrary
> directory like $HOME/.wine/drive_c?
Expand it (eg. $HOME -> /home/<user>), resolve all symlinks, then see which 
active mount points that falls into. The mount point with the longest name 
would then be the mount point/partition to use. Eg:

Drive path for C:
$HOME/.wine/dosdrives/c: -> /home/user/.wine/dosdrives/c: -> 

Available fs mount points:
/ -> /dev/sda3
/home -> /dev/sda4
/boot -> /dev/sda1
/mnt/cdrom -> /dev/hda1

Matching mount points that /home/user/.wine/drive_c exists in and are active:

Mount point with the longest name:

Thus, C: is on /home, which is /dev/sda4.

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