NTFS filesystem features -> WONTFIX?

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at sandbox.cz
Mon Apr 6 02:24:28 CDT 2009

Ben Klein wrote:
> But his bug raises an interesting issue. If an application has sanity
> checks on FAT32 vs NTFS (e.g., I need a 4GB file ... I've detected no
> NTFS therefore it's FAT32 which doesn't support more than 2GB files),
> then we might just have to make this configurable, possible on a
> per-app basis.
> My suggestion is a drop-down box in the "Advanced" tab of "Drives" to
> control filesystem type (separate from disk type, as is suggested in
> Comment #7 on 17938). It shouldn't be important for floppies or even
> CD-ROMs, but the options could be:
> - Default (autodetect, fall-back to unixfs)
> - FAT12 (floppies)
> - FAT16
> - FAT32
> - NTFS (probably don't need different versions on NTFS)
> Possibly restrict these to CDROM type:
> - ISO9660
> - UDF
> Unless someone can come up with a better default than unixfs :)

How about having the per-application entry in registry to simulate the 
fs type for? It's in the same spirit like already implemented simulation 
of Windows version per application.

This way it won't affect 'drive' settings, but only the information 
passed to that certain application.


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