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Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Fri Apr 3 12:02:06 CDT 2009

Francois Gouget wrote:
> I'm glad you're happy with CodeWeavers' work :-) CodeWeavers got a real 
> demand to get Wine working on Solaris (as strange as that may seem) so 
> we've been able to devote some resources to it. The patches you see in 
> 1.1.3 (and some older and newer releases) are a result of this. That's 
> how CrossOver demand for a platform has a bearing on Wine development: 
> if we have clear demand for it we can devote resources, and since we 
> push all our work straight back to Wine, Wine immediately benefits.
Hi Francois:

So, are you saying that if we want Wine supported on Solaris, then we
should buy CrossOver Solaris? If so, I guess I don't see a problem
with that, I'm just trying to clarify what you are saying. I didn't
even know there was such a product. How much is it?
>    Wine should work fine on Solaris 10u3 or greater.
>    So if you're a Solaris developer, try it! Wine wants YOU!!!
> (insert famous poster here and there)
> And if it does not work, debug it, figure out why, ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT. 
> Normally you should not hit big discouraging blockers anymore, just the 
> usual missing functionality here and there.
> So if getting the word out is the issue, then hopefully Zach's article 
> will help. Beyond that I'm not sure what to do. WineHQ already has 
> FreeBSD and Solaris packages (the Solaris ones are slightly out of date 
> actually). Maybe putting an announcement on the WineHQ front page could 
> help too? But we may need a wider reach...
Well, I don't consider myself a developer. But, I agree. I have often
asked Sun for help, but they say ask Wine!?! It makes me mad since I am
actually paying them after all. I'll leave it at that :o) Furthermore, I
doubt that you will ever see a patch from me. I've looked over the
Wine sources and it is way over my head. Not to mention, there appears to
be a rather high bar to patches being accepted; a bar I doubt that I could
ever reach.

However, I would like to offer
some feedback. CrossOver beta on OS X was not what I was expecting after
using Darwine. I think CrossOver beta should be more like Darwine since
we don't want 2 entirely different ways of doing things. Unless, of
course, there is some additional functionality. But, that is not clear
to me. We've tried to get some answers about these questions with respect to
R2WinBUGS, but the responses were either not understood by me or they
did not actually address the question. Similar remarks would apply to
Solaris (CrossOver and Wine being more alike than not), but I haven't seen
the product yet so this might not be an issue.

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