winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Mon Apr 6 21:42:43 CDT 2009

Adam Strzelecki wrote:
>> I googled a bit more.  There are at least two ways of achieving this  
>> mentioned in the docs of libFoundation: by using XML-RPC call and by  
>> wrapping classes in ANSI-C APIs. [4]
> Well actually you can easily access all Obj-C features trough the  
> following pure C API:
>> While the above is correct, modern Cocoa, in opposite to it's  
>> precedessor NeXTstep/OpenStep, is based on Quartz and  
>> CoreFoundation, both of which are plain C APIs. There's no need for  
>> neither Carbon nor Cocoa nor Objective-C to get some basic graphics  
>> to the Mac OS X screen.
> You are right, however what we all want to have is probably some Wine  
> seamless integration with OSX GUI at higher level than Quartz which is  
> just equivalent of WinGDI, and for this you need to somehow use  
> HIToolkit of Carbon extra to do windows management, font handling etc.  
> for example:
> /apple_ref/c/func/CreateNewWindow
> .. to create new window.
> The problem here is that HIToolkit from Carbon is a bit pushed away by  
> Apple in favor of Cocoa, and the reason is that Carbon has its roots  
> in Mac OS 8, and Cocoa is the new API for Mac OS X NextStep based  
> system, moreover there's no 64-bit HIToolkit (which doesn't matter for  
> Wine now, but may matter in the future).
> There's nice discussion here:
> I believe if pure C source is a constraint for Wine, one should try to  
> make winequartz.drv to be Quartz API for all WinGDI like stuff + some  
> HIToolbox for Window management and CoreText for text display.
> Regards,
What is the status of work on this project?

James McKenzie

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