Added PulseAudio sound driver

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Wed Apr 8 14:43:23 CDT 2009


remi.assailly at wrote:
> I'm submitting the PulseAudio patch from Arthur Talyor.
Guys, stop doing that as it doesn't increases the chance of the patch 
being accepted; quite the contrary.

> As most distros have PulseAudio by default Wine should provide upstream 
> support.
No, not really. winealsa.drv works just fine with PulseAudio too.

> Both Fedora and Mandriva have included this work and it is reported to 
> work very well.
As well as the ALSA driver.

> I used latest patch from
> I just did a autoconf and autoheader.
> This feature has been confirmed by popular vote at 
They should stop voting for a redundant feature. If they want to have it 
they should help make the patch *PERFECT*. That's about the only chance 
the patch has to get in.

Just taking and old version of the winealsa.drv and replacing "ALSA" 
with "PULSE" doesn't cut it. And the patch already bitrotted.


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