Added PulseAudio sound driver

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Wed Apr 8 17:01:53 CDT 2009

Rémi Assailly wrote:
> [resent]
> Let's see.
>>> This feature has been confirmed by popular vote at
>> They should stop voting for a redundant feature.
> Nobody submitted to wine-patches before, I prefer let Alexandre choose
> what he wants to do with it.
*Sigh*; sometimes I really really hate it that Alexandre is so polite. 
If he wouldn't his answer would be something along the lines of "No 
fucking way"... Just read the previous threads on wine-devel regarding a 
Wine PulseAudio driver; Alexandre stated his position.

>> If they want to have it they should help make the patch *PERFECT*. 
>> That's about the only chance the patch has to get in.
> So, while your work is not perfect but working you never try to submit
> it. Direct X support is not *PERFECT*, wine is not *PERFECT*, but you
> can use it and improve it.
I didn't say perfect working code but a perfect patch; those are two 
different things. I tried to make you hope that their might be a tiny 
tiny chance to override Alexandre's made up decision to not include a 
PulseAudio driver with great code.

Now a code review of the submitted patch:
- Copy of an old version of winealsa.drv hacked up for PulseAudio.
- Inconsistent indentations all over the place.
- Tabs have nothing to loose in a file with a "4 space" indentation level.
- Inconsistent naming of identifiers (functions, variables, etc.)
- Bad names used for parameters and variables.
- Commented out code.

The above is not acceptable for new code and alone a reason for 
rejecting the patch. Thanks, but no thanks, we already have basically 
seven audio drivers that look like that in Wine; we don't need the 
eighth one to bitrot.

And there are technical problems with the patch too, two I have seen 
only on a quick glance:
- The code is not Win64 ready; most other Wine audio drivers were 
already fixed.
- The driver provides the old DSound interface from DirectX 5. The 
header include aka dsdriver.h doesn't exist on a modern Windows version.


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