Cool animated display of wine appdb stats

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Thu Apr 9 06:38:31 CDT 2009

2009/4/9 Scott Ritchie <scott at>:
> Joel Holdsworth wrote:
>>> Has anyone else noticed
>>> which is shown on the right side of
>>> ?
>>> It's kind of cool.  Hats off to
>>> who put it together.
>>> - Dan
>> Yes that is cool - though I think a plotted graph would be easier to
>> read. On the other hand the animation does help get the feeling of
>> growth across.
> It does, though I do worry how much it's graphing rating inflation more than
> actual progress.

Results can be skewed depending on the platform it is running on.
Games will be dependent on the graphics cards and drivers being used
(a bad driver can easily result in a garbage rating). Compiz can also
colour the results.

An app that I use is broken with pulseaudio+Ubuntu (over and above the
audio glitches/scratches).

This information is hard to tell in the AppDB results (unless the
person mentions these -- which is hard to scan when generating the

Then there are the things that the person does during the tests. For
example, using a map editor or full screen mode.

I don't know how AppDB can be improved to handle these cases and the
mis-classifications (e.g. DLL overrides and other tweaks/workarounds).

- Reece

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