do ERR messages imply bugs?

Vincent Povirk madewokherd+8cd9 at
Sat Apr 11 22:20:48 CDT 2009

Chris Ahrendt filed a few bugs recently for "err" messages encountered
during test runs  (17997 and 17998 at least).

Vitaliy claims they are invalid.

In order to explain clearly why they are invalid, I looked up the
official definition of ERR in the Wine Developer's Guide:

"Messages in this class indicate serious errors in Wine, such as as
conditions that should never happen by design."

This goes against my preconceived notion. Bad developer's guide, bad.

To my even greater astonishment, all the ERR messages I've added fit
this description. Bad past self, bad.

The consensus (or so I thought) seems to be that ERR messages are
simply for debugging and can safely be ignored as long as nothing is
going wrong in a running program (in this case, as long as the tests
are not failing).

"Serious errors" sounds like something that should be worth
investigating, even without visible failures.

How do we resolve this discrepancy?

Vincent Povirk

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