do ERR messages imply bugs?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Apr 12 21:18:54 CDT 2009

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> chris ahrendt wrote:
>> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>> chris ahrendt wrote:
>>>> 17997 Gecko is installed and reran test... same result... valid bug
>>>> 17998 is the locking issue... and it occurs not just in the rest but in
>>>> another application as well..
>>> What errors? What exactly isn't working for you? You have failed to
>>> explain
>>> that. Until you meaningfully can explain everyone what isn't working for
>>> you? What exact applications are you having problems with? Where are they
>>> failed tests you are speaking of, these bugs invalid!
>>> Vitaliy.
>> THe ERR  mesages which are in the logs I uloaded. As pointed out in the
>> wine development logs
>> an ERR is only supposed to happen if something goes wrong or is not
>> working correctly.
>> So either these are warning messages and need to be changed as such or
>> they are actual failures in the underlying code
>> and will need to get fixed.
>> If the action is normal for the failure in the test case then it should
>> be output on the screen somewhere in the log stating this is normal.
> You wrong. As I said, tests are _allowed_ and some really _supposed to_ test
> invalid cases. Where Wine 100% correct about complaining. But the goal of
> each test is either succeed or fail. If it succeeds then there is no bug.

Conversely, if a good test starts to fail or error messages appear where
there were none, we have a problem that needs to be reported so it can
be fixed (this happened with Wine 1.1.18).
> Again there are not failures in the tests your ran! There is nothing to fix
> here. Move along don't waste everyone time for something YOU DO NOT LIKE! Or
> send patches.

The problem is that error messages should not appear where there are no
errors.  They should be either warnings or fixmes.  If the test passes
but a bunch of error messages appear during the test run, there is a
coding problem that needs to be fixed.  This is why we are answering
user questions with 'The error message can be ignored, there is nothing
wrong with the execution of your program.'  This makes it appear that
the developers don't know what they are doing and that makes the overall
project appear bad. 
> Conversation is over. DO NOT WASTE everyone's time!!!
We are not 'wasting time.'  This issue needs to be addressed by the
development community so that errors, warnings and fixmes are properly
reported.  We can and maybe should get more granular when we work with
code.  Maybe a fixme for a known but unimplemented function and a
warning for an incomplete function.  Maybe changing the wording on an
error message that really is an error in code but will not cause a
program to crash.  I've seen error messages that really should be fixmes
and the other way around where a fixme causes some programs to terminate
with a screen full of debugging code.

James McKenzie

> Vitaliy

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