[4/4] (Try4) msi/tests: Fix package test when run on root drive directory.

Nicolas Le Cam niko.lecam at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 21:18:58 CDT 2009

2009/4/13 James McKenzie <jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net>:
> Nicolas Le Cam wrote:
>> James,
>> Here are updated patches for part 3 & 4 of my previous patch set. Tell
>> me if you think I could submit them to wine-patches.
>> For patch 3, the only todo_wine is when launched from root drive dir
>> as explained in my previous mail.
>> For patch 4, I skip a test if test is executed on root drive dir, as
>> it doesn't make sense to execute it in this case.
>> If needed I can remove the skip and change expected value to be first
>> fixed drive when test is run on root drive dir. But this is already
>> tested by patch 3 (when run on a root drive dir).
> Did these work with WindowsXP or Windows Vista as expected?  I don't
> have them here to test, only Wine.
> I would defer the todo_wine to others with more experience, as this
> marks the tested function needs more work with Wine and my experience
> with msi is only as a user.
> James McKenzie

It worked as expected on Win2k and Wine. I can test it on WinXP if
wanted, but I don't own any Vista.
The todo_wine is to handle root drive directories where Windows output
first fixed drive where Wine currently output an empty string as
demonstrated on .

Fix seems to be simple. We just need to break the for loop after the
GetDriveType test in ACTION_SearchDirectory function in appseach.c if
path is only three characters long (attr should also be checked
against INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES just after it).

ACTION_CheckDirectory could perhaps be updated to handle root drive
directories too, but I'm not certain with this one.

As I don't have any experience with msi at all even as user, I will
certainly wait for someone to validate what I'm saying.

Thanks for review.

Nicolas Le Cam

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