do ERR messages imply bugs?

Ben Klein shacklein at
Mon Apr 13 08:17:58 CDT 2009

2009/4/13 chris ahrendt <celticht32 at>:
> Ben Klein wrote:
>> Most users DON'T RUN THE TEST SUITE. It's not useful for users, it's
>> ONLY useful for developers, and developers know how to interpret these
>> ERRs correctly. You don't.
> Thanks for the attack ben... again you miss the point.. alot more users do
> run the tests than you may think.

Then they need to learn to interpret them correctly.

> People evaluating the code for use in their enterprise will run the test
> sets.. and if they don't complete or run
> clean than they don't implement.

Their problem. If they refuse to implement Wine in their enterprise
solutions because Wine's test suites produces ERRs, this is their
problem, not ours.

I'd also argue against using Wine at enterprise level. Crossover would
probably be a better solution when it comes to businesses, with paid
tech support and a more business-oriented user interface.

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