Setting working directories for applications?

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Tue Apr 14 06:32:21 CDT 2009

> Well, I've already have looked into start.exe, and it does not provide
> functionality I need.
> Look: we have some program, prog.exe It is located it
> ~/.wine/drive_c/foo/ . But it needs it's working dir to be set to
> ~/.wine/drive_c/foo/bar. So, from terminal you can launch it this way:
> cd ~/.wine/drive_c/foo/bar
> wine ../prog.exe
> Start.exe won't help here, as I don't see any path-related options there.

wine start 'c:\windows\Start Menu\My App\App.lnk'

ususally does the trick. However, this can also be hard for a novice to 

Mikołaj Zalewski

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