do ERR messages imply bugs?

chris ahrendt celticht32 at
Mon Apr 13 06:48:44 CDT 2009

Ben Klein wrote:
> 2009/4/13 chris ahrendt <celticht32 at>:
>> So basically it, in your opinion, comes down to ERR's and the debug output
>> from running
>> tests or anything else should be ignored by anyone but developers?
> No, that the tests as a WHOLE should be ignored by everyone except developers.
Is there a guide documenting what each test is supposed to do etc?
I run the test set to see where the current version of wine is on any of 
my particular hardware.
I am not allowed to develop wine due to NDA's , and so forth I am under. 
And have discussed
with the Alexandre and Dan concerning these NDA's and what I can do to 
>> That does not make any sense...  There has to be a consistent way for
>> developers and users
>> to report or work on issues..
> It's called bugzilla.
I believe you may be missing my point Ben. By consistent I mean an ERR 
means this and only means this. Warning, info etc...
 From what I  have been following here and also seeing in the code an 
error doesn't always follow the
coding standard set forth in the developers guide.
>> and like Vincent says the use has gotten a little skewed.
> Or been misinterpreted ... though a review of the developers' guide
> description of ERR wouldn't hurt.

I would agree it may be... and maybe a review is in order..


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