NTFS filesystem features -> WONTFIX?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Thu Apr 16 02:25:31 CDT 2009

On Sun, 5 Apr 2009, Chris Robinson wrote:
> Available fs mount points:
> / -> /dev/sda3
> /home -> /dev/sda4
> /boot -> /dev/sda1
> /mnt/cdrom -> /dev/hda1
> Matching mount points that /home/user/.wine/drive_c exists in and are active:
> /
> /home
> Mount point with the longest name:
> /home
> Thus, C: is on /home, which is /dev/sda4.

So what about the z: drive which points to /? Do you report it as 
/dev/sda3 although z:\home is on a different filesystem of a potentially 
different type?

Now while I'm arguing, it's possible that it can happen on Windows too 
through reparse points (I believe that's how they're called) and then we 
should be able to report it to the Windows application using the same 

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