Icons, logos, Tango, consistency, the user experience, and our project looks like a 2D champaign flute

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Thu Apr 16 21:24:43 CDT 2009

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> Meanwhile, I'll try drumming up some artists to see if I can get a few 
> different Tango-compliant icons for us to chose from.

Apparently my work has already been done!  There are some beautiful 
icons originally made for Ubuntu Studio that have give me everything I 
asked (tango-compliance and not looking too fat).

Ubuntu users can install the ubuntustudio-icon-theme package and look 
inside /usr/share/icons/UbuntuStudio/scalable/apps for the icons.  There 
are 5 of them: wine.svg, wine-notepad.svg, wine-winecfg.svg, 
wine-uninstaller.svg, and wine-winefile.svg

If you're not on Ubuntu you can download the package and open it up like 
it were a tar file: 

I've mirrored the icons here:

Any comment on these?

Scott Ritchie

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