Fwd: [Wine] The easiest way to convert Mod/Tod video from JVC and any vi

Gert van den Berg wine-devel at mohag.net
Thu Apr 16 23:37:36 CDT 2009

If it is mostly automated spam, it might help to try and confuse the
scripts by inserting traps for them that users can't see (fields
hidden via CSS, etc...)

Human spammers are a totally different issue... And most solutions
that I can think of would either increase moderator load (such as
moderating a user's first post, which is probably not supported by
phpbb anyway...), or require a lot of manual maintenance (Keyword
based filters)...

What the spam do seem to have in common: External images (and usually
lots of external images) and external links...

Quite a few sites ask the users to solve simple maths problems as
well, but that could not be too hard to bypass...


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