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David Lee Lambert davidl at lmert.com
Fri Apr 17 06:16:39 CDT 2009

On Thursday 16 April 2009 20:19, Ben Klein wrote:
> 2009/4/17 Scott Ritchie <scott at open-vote.org>:
> > A user submitted a bug report to launchpad complaining that the Wine icon
> > is not Tango compliant: [...]
> >
> > In short, it means the Wine icon looks very out of place [...]
> >
> > In short, it's ugly, but our real goal here is usability.  [...]


Consistency != Usability

Sure, it might look out-of-place, but Windows applications are somewhat 
out-of-place on Linux.  It's very ugliness probably makes it easier to find.
If the default icon is changed, current users will have more trouble finding 
it again.

> Seems like a lot of fuss over a few trivial details:
> 1) The Wine system icon is ugly (I'm all in favour of changing it, but
> you make a BIG fuss over it)
> 2) If the icon is changed, it should be done in time for Ubuntu 9.10.
> (I have BIG issue with this. Wine is not exclusive to Ubuntu [...]

Not sure about this.  If someone is planning a major release,  it's nice to 
get little things in place for it, especially a "branding" item like this.

> 3) The glass is the wrong shape. Is it really THAT important? If
> anything it makes Wine distinguishable from the beverage. Do we get
> any outraged wine enthusiasts posting on wine-users or the forum
> telling us that we use the wrong glass in our logos?


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