DIB Engine - New approach

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 12:34:48 CDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Massimo Del Fedele <max at veneto.com> wrote:
> The approach taken so far consisted in having 2 device pointers inside
> GDI32, one for dib engine and
> the other for normal display driver.
> This way had the disadvantage of having to keep in sync the DC with the
> right driver depending on
> selected bitmap, which lead to many small changes spread along all gdi code;
> going deeper with
> development this approach showed many limits and problems.
> So I decided to start again from scratch with a completely different
> approach which is giving good
> results and is quite less invasive on gdi32 code.
> Instead of doing :
>           -- DIB ENGINE
>         /
> GDI32 ---
>         \ -- X11 DRIVER
> I took this approach :

I'm trying to understand what the problem is to make you think there
needs to be a change.  Are most of the problems with Blt related

It is my understanding the DIB engine should actually be able to call
the display driver and vice-versa.  So I think we shouldn't abandon
the two driver approach, just add the capability to call each other.
I believe GDI on windows has infrastructure for this too.

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