Remote named pipes and stuff.

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Apr 22 09:37:45 CDT 2009

Kai asked:
> Is there a use case for remote named pipes?
shows that SQL Server supports named pipes as an
access method.  Some apps or sites might assume that
works, and not be able to use TCP/IP for this.

Google finds at least three examples of people wanting
to used named pipes in previous wine threads:
"I'm trying to run a Delphi application on Wine. The application uses
BDE to talk to a MSSQL server, but database communication does not
Enable debugging i see this error message:
warn:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"SRVCAF1\\pipe\\sql\\query" not
found in ...dosdevices/unc
warn:ntdll:NtCreateFile L"\\??\\UNC\\SRVCAF1\\pipe\\sql\\query" not
found (c000003a)
warn:file:CreateFileW Unable to create file L"\\\\SRVCAF1\\pipe\\sql\
\query" (status c000003a)
Is this UNC pipe supposed to work on Wine? "
(I think you even replied to that thread :-)

"I am trying to connect a client with named pipes to a remote server.
Using the kernel32 function CreateFile I get the folling message:
fixme:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name UNC name
L"\\??\\UNC\\\\pipe\\Archiv\\Server" not supported
I am using Wine20040505.
Is the anybody out there who can help? To be frank, I am a rooky using
wine an Linux, but... ;o) "
"[Outlook seems to use a named pipe to connect to Exchange:
  fixme:win32:WaitNamedPipeA \\EXCH_CTL2\pipe\epmapper 0x00000000 "]

So, there you have it.  Databases, Microsoft Exchange, and the like
seem to like using remote named pipes.
- Dan

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