Generating stats on regression bugs in bugzilla

Scott Ritchie scott at
Fri Apr 24 18:40:06 CDT 2009

I had a theory that we might be getting better at preventing regressions 
now than a year or so ago due to the expansion of things like AppDB and 
the test suite.  It'd be nice to have some sort of data though.

Would it be reasonable to comb through the bugzilla database for all the 
bugs tagged regression and analyze them?  I'm interested in:

1) quantity and frequency of bugs tagged regression that were filed at 
various dates since the release of 1.0.  I'm not sure whether it's 
better to use the version number field in bugzilla as a proxy for "first 
version with regression" or to just guess that from the date.
2) how long regression bugs took to be fixed

Scott Ritchie

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