msi/tests: Test type for INT column.

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sat Apr 25 14:48:45 CDT 2009

> -            "( `Property` CHAR(255), `Value` CHAR(1)  PRIMARY KEY `Property`)" );
> +            "( `Property` CHAR(255), `Value` CHAR(1), `Intvalue` INT PRIMARY KEY `Property`)" );
>     ok( r == ERROR_SUCCESS , "Failed to create table\n" );
>     ok( check_record( rec, 2, "Value"), "wrong record type\n");
>+    ok( check_record( rec, 3, "IntValue"), "wrong record type\n");

These changes don't agree on the case of 'Intvalue', causing this test to
fail. It would be interesting to see if the remaining column types also need
the extra flag.


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