Old regression in Autocad

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Sat Apr 25 18:18:40 CDT 2009

Following patch

c3bdda810243ed6c8d6b9960d1df3b534653b438 is first bad commit
commit c3bdda810243ed6c8d6b9960d1df3b534653b438
Author: Jacek Caban <jacek at codeweavers.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 24 18:19:46 2008 +0200

     mshtml: Use ActiveScript for JavaScript in file protocol documents.

:040000 040000 61b72d076d5bcefd2ec1938442972f252d1ce7fc 7ce674ba65d818a7bbd8df8c6b4482fc024e1ebb M	dlls

Caused a regression on AutoCAD registration page display, which worked before with
native shlwapi and now is broken even with it.
Without native shlwapi for autocad 2005 and both shlwapi AND urlmon for Autocad 2008 it
is broken anyways.
Please look at bug 12570 for details, in particular at comment #44 for a simple test.



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