Status of "USB device support in wine"

Alexander Morozov amorozov at
Mon Apr 27 07:18:01 CDT 2009

> - The files from miss 
>  lines in to trigger the Makefile generation for usbd.sys and
> usbhub.sys.

The part which is generated by tools/make_makefiles is not included in these patches.

> Both dll/drivers pair (libusb0.dll/libusb0.sys and ftd2xx.dll/ftdibus.sys)
> work an a lot devices and so must scan the bus for matching devices. I
> didn't get wine with the patches to do anything sensible in that case.

As I understand drivers should not scan bus. They are loaded for devices with appropriate
VID and PID. On Windows should modify inf-file (see Device Driver Installation on On WINE with USB patches should add appropriate registry

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