Romanian translation

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Mon Apr 27 10:17:15 CDT 2009

Dimitriu Petru wrote:
> 2009/4/26 Dimitriu Petru <petrimetri at>:
> Ok then, regarding Romanian translations...
> ReactOS would appreciate if I retain the Windows-like terminology but
> I'm going to use Anulare instead of Renunţă. Please notice that
> Renunţă, Aplică, Deschide, Salvează etc. are imperative verbs, while
> Windows uses exclusively nouns. I think I'll eventually send
> a diff patch at ReactOS and leave the Wine translation as it is...
Just wondering, are you discussing some key command names here or 
translation in general?

I still don't follow why, e.g. Romanian, user should work with different 
names while doing the same things
on native system or somewhere else under wine?

Why are you speaking about 'tweaking a bit' resources for some reason 
when they already have stable values on native systems:
Wine's aim is to behave like native as close as possible, so why should 
any exception be added here especially for such
easy-to-follow question?

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