Ubuntu no longer works correctly without pulseaudio

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 27 16:07:31 CDT 2009


>The alsadriver settings that freeze during training are as follows (and they are the ones that used to work):
>wave-out devices: dmix:Generic (there were three of these)
>wave-in devices: dsnoop:Generic (ditto)
>My working mixer device was HD-Audio-Generic. 
>(I had three cards, the other mixers were HDA Intel and iMic USB audio system)
>Now, to get the program to work at all without freezing, I re-install the kernel. Then only the USB works properly. The settings I see are as follows. 
>wave-out devices: ALC660-VD Analog
>                  USB Audio
>wave-in devices: (same)

Good news. 
By changing in winecfg alsa to oss, I was able to get USB and my on-board cards (including Creative X-fi) to work, and to work VERY well. 
No freezing during training. Smooth recognition. And very fast. 
(My new souped-up real-time kernel may have something to do with that.)
I cannot control the volume by the program (I have to use alsamixer). 

OSS Driver
wave out devices / wave in devices / mixer devices all show these three:
  Realtek ALC660-VD
  USB Mixer
  Creative CA0110-IBG

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