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Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Mon Apr 27 23:23:13 CDT 2009


Dimitriu Petru wrote:
> Well words like Cancel or Save or Open or Close can be translated in three ways:
> - the first is when you translate them using an imperative just like
> you're commanding your computer to do that, like speaking to a person
> face to face (Renunţă, Salvează, Deschide, Închide, etc which mean
> (You) cancel, (You) save, (You) open, (You) close etc.)
> - the second one is using a noun to define the action that will happen
> when pressing the button or the control etc. (Renunţare, Salvare,
> Deschidere, Închidere)
> - the third one is using a verb that denotes that the computer is
> proposing you to do something by pressing a button or a control etc.
> (Renunţă/Renunţaţi, Salvează/Salvaţi, Deschide/Deschideţi,
> Închide/Închideţi)
> I prefer the second way because I don't like speaking to a computer
> like you speak to your friend or younger brother and I also don't like
> that the computer speaks to the user like a person. The computer is a
> machine, it doesn't have a soul, people do have.
But the first form seems to be the correct one. And that's what I used.
See; I have seen other
translation guides that have basically the same rules on how to "speak"
to the computer (i have those bookmarked but I'm far away from my home

The computer isn't a human being but that's irrelevant; there was
nothing in the non-living world that required interaction with natural
language. And it seems that natural language interaction in Romanian is
better done by treating the computer like a person. The noun form really
sounds awkward.

> In Spanish, they use Aceptar, Cancelar, etc. but I guess that these
> are the infinitive forms of the verbs. Well in Romanian, verbs can be
> turned into nouns by adding a suffix and also the verbs can be treated
> as nouns in some situations.
Too bad that the infinitive form is not really useful in the Romanian
language and it is very seldom used.

In regards to "Renunță" versus "Revocare" I'm taking "Renunță" as that
is a better description of the action and it matches the systems Wine
runs on. Somebody mentioned "bug for bug compatibility with Windows" but
that applies only if that bug is needed to make an application run. And
that's not at all the case here.


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