The DIB engine... does anyone know how to get it into Wine?

Massimo Del Fedele max at
Tue Apr 28 14:04:51 CDT 2009

My personal final thoughts....

1) It's obvious (but then, why we're repeating it forever ?) that
final result is : DIB inside gdi32 and DDBs inside X11, with
probably DIB cached to DDBs in x11 for performance reasons.

2) Assuming point 1, the *only* problem is to decide how get
to it, so choose the best solution.

3) the "best" solution depends on zillions of personal factors.
Here we say "you can't have full wine bottle and drunken bride".

So, can we afford months of regression bugs ? Perfect, just
start adding/replacing code to gdi32 AND winex11.drv and it's
all ok. But then I guess I'll stay with wine-1.1.20 forever,
resorting to wine-1.1.5 when I need something that
mshtml regressions broke...

We can't afford that ? so there's no other way than fork
display driver and let people who needs it to test the
new one up it becomes stable enough to replace the old one.

I guess we could speak about it for years, but I really don't see
another path that the 2 above. And, btw, I still don't know which
would be the preferred one. The rest are simple implementation


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