Sound problems with latest kernel -- formerly a pulseaudio thread but not any more

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Wed Apr 29 08:21:53 CDT 2009

I'm changing the name of the thread. 

Pulseaudio has nothing to do with my current problem. I thought it did back when I started the thread, but my testing turned out to be incomplete. I still don't know what the problem is, but I believe it has to do with the way wine relates to the current Ubuntu configuration. 

Using the most current kernel, the most current updates (and using tomorrow's kernels and updates) dmix and dsnoop I believe are not recognized properly by wine because I'm not getting any sound through them. 

And I did file a bug, but I filed it back when I still thought it was a wine regression, so it's been a long and painful process of discovery.

I have tested the following and I believe found they were not the problem: (1) wine regression: (2) problem with my experimental sound drivers; (3) problem with pulseaudio; (4) bizarre problem unique to me -- and for this I reinstalled the system an tested with the base before moving on. 

When I did the last install, with the current Ubuntu Studio, I got the same result using the downloaded Generic kernel. (Studio can use both Generic and Real-time kernels. Linux-rt didn't work for other reasons. It crashed on bootup.)
I was informed that both then-current kernels had problems. 
So I got the linux-generic with current Ubuntu patches and a successful re-compile of the linux-rt without Ubuntu patches. 

And I still have exactly the same problem. 

Here are my current kernels:
linux-rt:  (It doesn't include Ubuntu's patches.)
linux-generic 2.6.28-12 (this is from the Ubuntu site and has Ubuntu's patches)

When I run audacity through wine, I get the following input choices:

MIME: Wine wave in mapper - Input
MIME: dsnoop:Generic
MIME: dsnoop:Generic
Windows DirectSound: Primary Sound Capture Driver
Windows DirectSound: dsnoop:Generic
Windows DirectSound: dsnoop:Generic

When I use the second option (MME: dsnoop:Generic) it works on the first pass, but when I try to stop and start it again -- no go. The second recording area pops up but it seems to "shimmer." The recording meter does not move. And then it freezes. 
(That is approximately what happens to me training DNS.)

When I use the 5th option (Windows DirectSound: dsnoop:generic) it works on the first pass, but when I stop/start it I get the following error message: 
Error when opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.

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