Sound problems with latest kernel -- formerly a pulseaudio thread but not any more

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Wed Apr 29 11:30:02 CDT 2009

>2009/4/29 Susan Cragin <susancragin at>:
>> I have tested the following and I believe found they were not the problem:
>> (3) problem with pulseaudio
>How did you determine this? I thought you said your version of Ubuntu
>was crippled if pulseaudio was removed, so did you use pasuspender? If
>so, did you verify there was no pulseaudio process running while you
>were testing Wine?

After I started my testing, I did run into problems when I tried to re-install pulseaudio and then remove it, but the PA problem was unrelated. Ubuntu said there was a PA bug, and issued a fix. After I applied the fix, no more problems working with pulseaudio removed. So the whole thing was sort of a red herring. 

I have re-installed my entire system since that problem went away, and immediately purged pulseaudio, and that's where I'm working from now. Still same problem. 


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