Sound problems with latest kernel -- formerly a pulseaudio thread but not any more

Ben Klein shacklein at
Wed Apr 29 11:51:22 CDT 2009

2009/4/30 Susan Cragin <susancragin at>:
>>2009/4/29 Susan Cragin <susancragin at>:
>>> I have tested the following and I believe found they were not the problem:
>>> (3) problem with pulseaudio
>>How did you determine this? I thought you said your version of Ubuntu
>>was crippled if pulseaudio was removed, so did you use pasuspender? If
>>so, did you verify there was no pulseaudio process running while you
>>were testing Wine?
> After I started my testing, I did run into problems when I tried to re-install pulseaudio and then remove it, but the PA problem was unrelated. Ubuntu said there was a PA bug, and issued a fix. After I applied the fix, no more problems working with pulseaudio removed. So the whole thing was sort of a red herring.
> I have re-installed my entire system since that problem went away, and immediately purged pulseaudio, and that's where I'm working from now. Still same problem.

OK, thanks for that clarification.

So you've tracked the problem down to kernel version 2.6.29? What
version of ALSA drivers are in your working and broken kernels?

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