IE and MSN Messenger 7.0

Ben Klein shacklein at
Thu Apr 30 18:18:30 CDT 2009

2009/5/1 Cissyvonwinckelmann <cissyvonwinckelmann at>:
> hartelijk dank Benm ja ik moet snel een andere pc hebben, want dit is een
> hele ouwe dan krijg je de moeilijkheden,
> groetjes cissy

I have to use Google Language Tools to translate your text, so I
apologise if I misunderstand you.

The "old problems" with Messenger (you actually didn't say which
Messenger it is, Yahoo or MSN?) in Wine are not likely to go away
without a lot of work. As this is the developers' mailing list, we
would welcome patches/modifications to Wine to make it work better.
Without a discussion on the development side, your questions are
better directed to wine-users mailing list or the forum, or some other
user-oriented support path.

Regardless, it is strongly recommended that you look into using a
native client (i.e. something you don't need Wine to run) such as

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