Begin Wine Development

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Aug 2 00:32:07 CDT 2009

What John said!

But just to be clear: only Alexandre has git commit power.
The rest of us have to send patches to wine-patches
and keep improving them until he relents and admits that
perhaps they're worthy of inclusion.  :-)

Also, we tend not to worry too much about having
bugs assigned.  There are so many available that
there is seldom any real duplication of effort.

Are there any areas in particular you're interested in?

If not, one great way to start is to look at bugs with
keyword 'download' that have not been changed in > 90 days,
see if you can reproduce the problem with
current wine from git, and append your
test results (either "bug still present in git" or "works for me with git")
as a comment.

And once you've done a few of those, maybe you'll see
one you can actually try to fix.  Not every wine bug is hard.
- Dan

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