[2/2] comdlg32/tests: Fix a failing test on Win2k and above.

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 01:22:47 CDT 2009

Nicolas Le Cam wrote:
> Hi,
> Following Rein's commit 1f825a3631c78ac08383dd6062005526fc9c483d I've
> got a new failure on my Win2k box.
> I did a first patch to filter Win2k failure that happens on
> GetSaveFileNameW case only but, according to test.winehq.org, Win9x
> boxes are failing on more cases so I did a more general (and simple)
> fix.
> --
> Nicolas Le Cam
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi Nicolas,

Judging by the results on test.winehq.org I'd say that W2K and below 
(except ME) fails these tests (and there is even a Win95 box that 
doesn't fail so it seems).

I guess just changing that comment should do the trick, not?



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