New Wine Gecko 1.0.0 RC

Jacek Caban jacek at
Tue Aug 4 07:08:35 CDT 2009

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Jacek Caban <jack at> writes:
>> It's time for the new Wine Gecko package release. I've prepared a new
>> package based on Mozilla code a bit newer than Firefox 3.5 and my
>> fixes (most of them are on their way to mainstream Mozilla
>> repository). This release fixes a few known bugs. It's not as big
>> change as 0.9.0 release was, so I don't expect that many
>> problems. Last time we had a few serious regressions and I'd like to
>> avoid them now. That's why I'd like to ask you for help in testing
>> (last time I did too, but somehow we've missed serious problems). To
>> use it, just apply the attached patch, download the build from:
>> and place it in correct location according to (note s/0.9.1/1.0.0/):
>> Everything that uses MSHTML is interesting for testing. Please let me
>> know about any regression.
>> If everything goes well, I will do the release on Monday next week.
> This would be a good opportunity to get things ready for 64-bit support.
> We'd probably want an 'x86' in the cab file name, and it should most
> likely get installed in system32.

I've sent patches that address it. 'x86' is hardcoded in them, but once 
we have support for different architectures both in filenames and on 
server side, it's just a matter of fixing install.c file and that can be 
done anytime.


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